2016 Thesis: “Zakat Institution: A Study on its Contribution to the Community Development in Talipao, Sulu” by Alpha Jairi Untih

This study is entitled “Zakat Institution: A Study on its Contribution to the Community Development in Talipao, Sulu”. It aimed to provide answers of the following inquiries:

  1. How is the Zakat institution in Taliapao organized?
  2. What are the contributions of zakat institution to the development of this area?
  3. What are the challenges faced by the zakat institution in Talipao?
  4. What is the prospect of zakat institution in Talipao?

The study are divided into four divisions.

  1. Institutionalization of Zakat in Talipao
  2. Contribution to community development
  3. Challenges faced by the zakat institution
  4. Prospect of the zakat institution

The institutionalization of zakat in Taliapao is not accurately and highly specialized but it is only suitable to the ability and power that could be done by people of Talipao as a Zakat institution but not highly institutionalized. It is only appropriate to the level standard of the adat (tradition) of the community. Fortunately, it could give realization to the mind of the individual Muslim in Talipao.

Furthermore, zakat institution had already materialized some developments in Talipao, Sulu that people of said community can at least be having a suitable comfort in terms of worship in the masjid and knowing Islam in the madrasah. In addition, there is also a dividend from zakat institution given to the needy and poor individuals as their suitable livelihood assistance.

The Da’wah Al-Islamiyyah is also conducted in the Talipao community; the people acquired Islamic knowledge and understanding that can lead them to worship Allah (SWT) alone properly in a manner of the Prophetic Sunnah. They have seen the reality of Islam that is being glittered under the teaching process of Da’awah Islamiyyah.

Under the development in Talipao, individual student have learned Islamic science under the principle of Islamic education which is conducted in a madrasahn created in Talipao. However, they use Islam in a way that can lead them to comfortable living and support their Islamic morality.

This principle has served them as their wisdom and philosophy in their life. Even the zakat institution has faced challenges such as management, organization, process and mostly war between the MNLF and GRP during the Marcos regime in the early 1970s. However, with all the challenges that zakat institutions have faced, the institution has a prospect beyond Talipao, Sulu. It dreams to remain in touch with its goals and objectives of the future of the Talipao through one generation after another. It has been aiming to remain steadfast and determined to continue the mission of forefathers and to the future progress in Talipao, Sulu.

The researcher is recommending that the zakat institution in Talipao must maintain the good outlook of the organization, management and process of the zakat institution so that it can provide strong resistance of the organization including its program objectives that are being carried out in the process of the implementation of its plan and development in the Talipao community as a whole.

It should be doing its obligation and duties on every activities being done. Its tendency is that can it can maintain its determination to survive along the process in all its objective with all constituent including all inhabitants of Talipao and their necessities throughout life. This must be done correctly in light of Islamic principles and teachings as well as its wisdom.

One Comment on “2016 Thesis: “Zakat Institution: A Study on its Contribution to the Community Development in Talipao, Sulu” by Alpha Jairi Untih

  1. Zakat is a mandatory tenant of Islam and the objective of it is to help the society share the bounties of Allah and give a chance to the unfortunate ones at a better life. Therefore, every Muslim must gain knowledge about Zakat and ensure that it be paid to the deserving people. Islamic scholar


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