2015 Thesis: “Cyberspace Da’wah: A Study on Muslim Filipinos Online” by Luqman L. Bin Usman Imam

This study was conducted among Muslim Filipinos Online who themselves conduct and participate in Cyberspace Da’wah. The following objectives of this study are (1) To know what is Cyberspace Da’wah; (2) To discern how Muslim Filipinos conduct Cyberspace Da’wah; (3) To know the goals of Cyberspace Da’wah; (4) To identify what types of people participate in Cyberspace Da’wah; (5) To identify the trending topics in Cyberspace Da’wah; and (6) To know the effects of Cyberspace Da’wah.

The study revealed that the Cyberspace Da’wah is doing da’wah in a medium of communication (Internet) to spread the true message of Islam to people in farthest places.

Muslim Filipinos conduct cyberspace Da’wah with the popular use of social media such as Facebook and Youtube by posting, sharing da’wah materials and uploading Da’wah videos. In Cyberspace Da’wah, the goals of da’i (caller/propagator) is to send the true message/value of Islam, likewise, mad’u (audience/seeker) goal is to receive the true values/message of Islam.

Interestingly, most of the people who participate in Cyberspace Da’wah are non-degree course holders in Islamic Studies. They acquired Islamic knowledge through informal learning and a large number of them are graduates of Ibtida’I (Elementary). Undauntingly, their sincerity to fulfill their obligation as ambassador of Islam made themselves involve in Cyberspace Da’wah.

The trending topics in Cyberspace Da’wah are the most sought after knowledge regarding Tawheed (Oneness of Allah). Sunnah/Hadith and discussions of comparative religion and contemporary issues. Cyberspace Da’wah has meaningful effects on the life, creed conversion and attachment of mad’u (audience/seeker) to Islam.

It is concluded that Cyberspace Da’wah has beneficial advantage and to strengthen this foundation, it is recommended that there must be established rules and regulations for the conduct and exercise of Cyberspace Da’wah.

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