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HIJAB by Dr. Michael L. Tan (UPD Chancellor)


A Hijab Booth picture of participants.

If there’s anything that symbolizes the gap between Muslims and Christians, it is the hijab, or head veil.

On a Catholic woman, it elicits respect, with meanings of sanctity and honor, from Catholics and often from people of other faiths as well, including Muslims in Mindanao who may have benefited from the education given by various Catholic women religious (notably the Religious of the Virgin Mary).

On a Muslim woman, for fellow Muslims, it, too, elicits respect, representing modesty and an expression of faith. Sadly, for Christians, it sometimes brings out bias and prejudice. Read more

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BOR appoints IIS New Dean

UPD Chancellor Michael L. Tan announced the approval of the UP Board of Regents of the appointment of Asst. Professor Macrina “Hannah” Adjerol-Morados as the new Dean of the UP Institute of Islamic Studies during its 1313th meeting last December 11, 2015.  She is the 7th Dean serving the IIS after Dean Julkipli M. Wadi.  Dean Morados serves a 3-year term which started on January 1, 2016 and will end on December 31, 2018

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UP-IIS Hijab Day: Fostering Solidarity and Celebrating Unity in Diversity

Seminar Room 104 University Hotel 1 p.m

An interfaith forum that presents the Hijab (veil) cultural tradition which also explains hijab’s religious contexts in promoting and achieving peaceful co-existence among peoples of different cultures.

Forum highlights include a launching preview of a documentary film on hijab and interfaith lecture on the Virgin Mary. The documentary film will show the historical and religious contexts of the veil and the challenges faced by the Muslim women wearing it. The lecture on Virgin Mary will present the Islamic and Christian perspectives.

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