Turkish Scholar Lectures on Religious Extremism


Dean Wadi, Dr. Unsal (center), guests and faculty

The Institute of Islamic Studies conducted a forum “Religious Extremism: Question and Answer” on November 27, 2014. The resource person, Dr. Ali Unsal, is a Doctor in Islamic Theology and the current Director of Fethullah Gulen Chair based in the State Islamic University, UIN-Jakarta. Read more

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IIS Attends CHED National Conference on Islamic Studies

The Commission on Higher Education held a national conference on Islamic studies subject in UP University Hotel, University of the Philippines-Diliman last November 25, 2014. It was attended by CHED officials and Islamic studies professors from different universities in the country. The mechanics of the discussion includes the standardization of Islamic studies curriculum and the implementation of specialization in the course. Specializations include Political Economy, Islamic Arts, and Multimedia Technology. Read more

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IIS Co-organizes Lecture-Symposium on ISIS


From left: Prof. Julkipli M. Wadi, Dean of the Institute of Islamic Studies, UP-Diliman; Ms. Carmencita Karagdag, Coordinator, People's Forum on Peace for Life; Dr. Hans Köchler; Prof. Risa Jopson, Dept. of Social Sciences, UP-Manila; Mr. Pete Sengson, UP Muslim Students' Association.

A lecture-symposium on the Middle East and the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was held last November 24, 2014 at Palma Hall, University of the Philippine-Diliman. The theme of the forum is “Islamic State: Perception and Reality in the Context of Global Power Politics.” Dr. Hans Köchler, an expert in Political Philosophy and the Middle East, is the guest speaker. Dean Julkipli M. Wadi of the Institute of Islamic Studies and Prof. Risa Jopson of the Department of Social Sciences, UP Manila, served as reactors.

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