Islamic Studies Program (CIDS)


The Islamic Studies Program (ISP) under the UP Center for Integrative and Development Studies (CIDS) started in 2018 up to the present. ISP seeks to advance the critical and strategic roles of Islam in nation-building and determines to lead the Filipino communities to know Islam deeper and consequently deal with the existing stereotypes against Muslims. Under ISP, IIS published numerous discussion papers, policy briefs, proceedings, monographs, and webinar proceedings.

ISP 2022

Title: The Triumvirate Quandaries of Muslims in the Philippines: An Exposition of Said Nursi’s Hypothesis vis-à-vis the Hizmet Movement Approach

Title: Interrogating ZAMBASULTA Education Institution Mechanisms in the New Normal

Title: Reviewing Contentions of Authority and Legitimacy in Philippine Halal Development Initiatives

Title: The Legal and Institutional Ecosystem of Halāl in the Philippines

Title: Training of Trainers and Enhancing Madaris Teachers’ Support System in the Municipality of Jolo, Sulu

Title: Training of Trainers and Enhancing Madaris Teachers’ Support System in the Municipality of Jolo, Sulu

Title: Customary Law of the Sama Banguinguih of Simariki Island: A Commentary

Title: Muslim Education Webinar on Essential Knowledge

Title: Institutional Development of Muslim Education in the Philippines


Title: Operationalizing Halal Food and Beverage for Philippine Tourism

ISP 2020

Title: Understanding the diversity of cultural and religious learning institutions for Muslim Filipinos

Title: Madrasah Education: Achieving Sustainable Development Goals | Proceedings of the 1st International Seminar-Workshop on Madrasah Education

Title: COVID-19 and Islamic Burials: Safeguarding the Dignity of the Dead

Title: Philippine Muslim History: Challenges and Prospects

Title: Proceedings of the Focus Group Discussion on Philippine Muslim History

Title: Tausug Constructs of Leadership

ISP 2019

Title: Integrated and Holistic Madrasah Education System (IHMES): An Alternative Madrasah Education System for Muslim-Filipinos

Title: Teacher Shortage and Quality of Madrasah Education in the Philippines: An Analysis of Madaris Teachers’ Support System and Qualifications

Title: Sustainability Concerns of Madrasah Education Program: Basis for Philippine Islamic and Madrasah Education Policy Review

Title: Beyond the Shared Tears of Bangsamoro Women Migrant Workers: From Greener Pastures to Greater Accountability

Title: Exploring Pathways to Empowerment: A Narrative of Bangsamoro Women Migrant Workers

ISP 2018

Title: Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (PCVE) Recommendations: From Communication, Community Building to Intercultural Competence

Title: Muslim Views of the ‘International’