Institute of Islamic Studies, University of the Philippines-Diliman


Donoso, Isaac J. (2013). Islamic Far East: Ethnogenesis of Philippine Islam. Quezon City, Philippines: University of the Philippines Press.

Islam is a universal civilization built on the foundations of the classical world that has spread to the four corners of the earth. This book, Islamic Far East: Ethnogenesis of Philippine Islam, is a preliminary attempt to integrate/unify the Islamization of the North, South, West, and East into one worldwide phenomenon, and locate the beginnings of Islamization in the Philippines within an Islamic historical framework.

Abubakar, Carmen A. and Macrina A. Morados. (2006). The Convention on the Rights of the Child and Islamic Law: Convergences and Divergences, the Philippine Case. Makati, Philippines: United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).
Book abstract is not available.
Abubakar, Carmen A. (1987). Muslim-Christian Relations: A Moro Perception. Manila, Philippines: Solidaridad Publishing House.
Book abstract is not available.