Institute of Islamic Studies, University of the Philippines-Diliman


As part of its mandate, the Institute initiates various community extension works and outreach programs that respond to the needs of vulnerable sectors within the Muslim communities. Some of these programs are (1) Ramadan festivities including Iftar programs and Eid congregational prayer that unites the Muslims in UP and its adjacent communities; (2) relief good operations to answer the call for donations for the victims of man-made and natural disasters in Muslim communities; and (3) Religio-social services wo women correctional institutions in Metro Manila, particularly, Quezon City Camp Karingal Female’s Dormitory and the Correctional Institute in Mandaluyong City.

The Institute also spearheaded the following projects that foster community impact: 

  • ACCESS Micro-scholarship Program in partnership with the Department of English and Comparative Literature of the UP College of Arts and Letters and funded by the US Embassy-Manila. The Access Program provided a foundation of English language skills to economically disadvantaged students, leading them to better jobs and education prospects. The program ended with thirty (30) students who have successfully completed the English Access Micro-Scholarship Program.
  • Suara-Muslim Initiative for Leadership Empowerment (S.M.I.L.E) program aims to develop a network of student leaders who will serve as agents of change in Muslim communities essential for building resilient communities in Metro Manila against extremist influence. Twenty-three (23) Muslim students participated in the program which resulted in the formulation and implementation of various projects such as Peace Building and Conflict Management Workshop, Action Inter-Faith Dialogue, Muslim Volunteers Response Team, Orientation and Awareness on Proper Waste Disposal, Muslim Youth Leadership and Skills Development Trainings, and Proposed Guidebook on the Role and Contributions of Women for a Peaceful Community in Coordination with Suara-Muslim Initiative for Leadership Empowerment.

The Institute also engages in extension services not only in UP but also in underserved areas in Mindanao and the Sulu archipelago. Some of these are as follows:

  • Peace, Development, and Microfinance (PDM): Phase Piloting 1 at Brgy. Siunugan, Indanan Municipality, Sulu through an extension grant given by the UP Diliman OVCRD in partnership with ASA Philippines Foundations, Inc. The PDM project is the most recent extension work project of IIS in Sulu, which aims to assist war-affected areas and transform them into peaceful, socially, and culturally vibrant, and economically thriving communities by empowering stakeholders with self-help initiatives, and knowledge-based and sustainable community development programs. The project is divided into three phases. Phase one of the project commenced in 2022 which includes a series of capacity-building trainings, meetings with various agencies and stakeholders, and the preparation for the publication of a research journal about the project locale. Phases two and three of the project will be implemented in the years 2023-2024 respectively.
  • Training of Trainers (TOT) and Enhancing Madaris Teachers’ Support System in the Municipality of Jolo, Sulu in partnership with the Institute of Autonomy and Governance (IAG) and Global Community Engagement Resilience Fund (GCERF). TOT provided an assessment of the gaps and areas of development on Madrasah pedagogies, curriculum, teachers’ support system, and resources; plan out future activities and collaborations to enhance linkages and sharing of experiences among the asatidz and local partners in accessing support system provided by the local government units in the Department of Education. Fifty-three (53) Madaris teachers and volunteers benefited from this program.