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The IIS Students

Ten-year Statistics of Enrolees

Academic Year First Semester Second Semester Summer/Midyear Term

TOTAL # of Enrolees


31 32 3 66


40 37 6



41 31 10 82
2009-2010 38 38 3



31 31 4 66
2011-2012 28 27 3



25 26 4 55


45 45 21


2014-2015 49 56 19


2015-2016 88 81 12


First, there is a need to clarify that the Institute of Islamic Studies is offering a Master’s Degree in Islamic Studies. It has two areas of concentration, one is on Islamic Studies and the other one is on Muslim Culture and Society of the Muslims in the Philippines.  To complete the degree with thesis, there is a need to take up 12 units core courses, 9 units major course, 6 units elective courses. Other required courses are 12 units in Arabic language and 6 units thesis writing.   For those without Islamic Studies background, the students are required to take up 12 or 6 units background courses depending on the need of the student to be assessed by the College Secretary upon evaluation.  Being a Master’s degree granting unit, the students undergo screening and interview to qualify to the program.

The IIS curriculum is tailored to become responsive to the needs of the students. It is attuned to the UP policy on liberal education and IIS courses are designed and taught as a Social Science. It provides our students broader knowledge on the contexts of the disciplines in Islamic Studies and guiding them to be critical in their understanding and analysis on issues surrounding Islam. Therefore, the discipline of Islamic Studies at the University of the Philippines is a specialized course; hence, having more than 90 students in a semester is already remarkable and comparable to other MA degree granting Colleges in the University. Contrary to the popular misconceptions, the IIS is not a theology school. Non-Muslim students are welcomed to enroll in our degree program.

As to the enrollment trend, the above chart shows the statistics from the  year 2005 up to the first semester of school year 2015-16. The tremendous increase of the enrollment is brought about by the phenomenal interests on Islam and IIS innovative teaching methods that attract both Muslims and Non-Muslims students in the country.  The IIS has produced new Shariáh lawyers and last Shariáh Bar Exams (2013), the IIS has produced a topnotcher (3rd placer). This year, the IIS has the greatest number of Shariáh Bar examinees as around 35 students will take the exams on January 24, 2016.