Nusantara 3-Min International Video Challenge

The UP Institute of Islamic Studies, in cooperation with International Waqaf Ilmu Nusantara invites you to the 3-minute International Video Challenge on Nusantra Malay Archipelago.

The competition has three-prong objectives:

  1. To promote the culture of Wakaf / Commoning / Sharing to build a society of givers and philanthropists.
  2. To create the community of knowledge warriors, intellectuals, and learners who are happy to capture, document and contribute knowledge to a library of information and wisdom.
  3. To revive and awaken the Nusantra Malay Archipelago civilization hence re-empowering and reconnecting members of Nusantra families and communities throughout the region and beyond.


Step 1: Record a 3-minute video with a theme of “Malay Nusantara Archipelago”.

Step 2: Upload your video to social media platforms (e.g.: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter).

Step 3: Use the following hashtags: #KITASEMUANUSANARA, #NUSANTARA1DNA, #NUSANTARA1RUMPUN. Tag, like, follow and subscribe the social media of i-Win Library (International Waqaf Ilmu Nusantara Library – IWIN Library | Facebook)

Step 4: Fill in the Registration Link:  https:/


Registration is extended until 14 March 2022 only.

For more details, please see the contest poster or visit their website at i-WIN: International Waqaf Ilmu Nusantara – Perpustakaan Internasional Waqaf Ilmu Nusantara

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