Shari’ah Bar Passers 2018

“In behalf of the University of the Philippines Diliman – Institute of Islamic Studies Faculty, Staff and Graduate Student Organization, we congratulate all the 2018 Shariah Bar passers and the UP IIS students. Alhamdullilah, we have 26 new Shariah Counselors/Lawyers and we are very happy with the achievements of those who landed in the top ten. May you do your best and beneficial to the Muslim Ummah. Congratulations dear UP IIS students. Special students are those who enrolled only for the purpose of taking the Shari’ah Bar subjects and you made us very proud. And for your success, we thank and praise Allah swt. Alhamdullilah!”

– Dean Macrina A. Morados


2 Comments on “Shari’ah Bar Passers 2018

  1. Panganting Hisham has been left out from the list. He’s the 9th Placer and a student of UP Asian Center. He had cross-enrolled last semester at IIS for the purpose of taking the Shari’ah Bar subjects.

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    — I wish to transact with a “Muslim specialized Attorney”” (and who is actually a Muslim by Faith also) — can you please kindly email me the contact details of ALL Attorneys who have their current law offices operating in Davao City,
    Very Yours Faithfully,
    FROM:: Mam JEAN.


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