The UP Institute of Islamic Studies will launch Islam and International Humanitarian Law: Observance and Practice in the Philippine Muslim Experience book authored by Mehol K. Sadain, Macrina A. Morados, and Darwin J. Absari on August 31, 2022, at 10:00 am at the 2/F Virata Hall, University of the Philippines Diliman.

 “This study provides practical groundings in understanding society in conflict. It also reveals the dynamics of state and non-state actors as shown particularly in their policies and programs on civilians and vulnerable sectors. It underscores salient features of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) that reveal some consistencies with Islamic Law about peace and war and other humanitarian principles and conflict-related and post-conflict issues. It also provides a backdrop of Philippine Muslim South’s conflict experiences, particularly the impact on women, the elderly, and children.” -Julkipli M. Wadi, Dean of the UP Institute of Islamic Studies.

For inquiries about the book, send us a private message through our FB page or email us at iis@up.edu.ph. Due to the health protocols that have to be observed, this book launch is by invitation only. InshaAllah, there can be a public book launch once the health situation warrants.

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