Six (6) students of the Institute of Islamic Studies were among the one hundred fifty-six (156) examinees who passed the 2022 Special Shari’ah Bar Examinations held last March 20 and 22 at the University of the Philippines campus. These students were as follows:

  1. Abdullah, Asmin P.
  2. Arimao, Nashiba P.
  3. Ashary, Alaysa B.
  4. Pumbaya, Jalina B.
  5. Pumbaya, Jamina B.
  6. Radiamoda, Nafisah H.

Associate Professor Macrina M. Morados, Chairperson of the Special Shari’ah Bar Exams and former dean of the Institute of Islamic Studies, announced the result released by the Supreme Court on July 26, 2022. At least 156 (29.66%) of the 532 examinees passed the exam. Professor Morados also announced the ten examinees who obtained the ten highest ratings during the exams as follows:

1st Place     Ambung, Maniri Cayasalam                           85.625%

2nd Place    Curo, Nurhasima                                             85.525%

3rd Place    Laguindab, Laina L.                                          84.900%

4th Place    Mortaba, Nur-aima B                                      83.900%

5th Place    Lantud, Norjannah D.                                      83.450%

6th Place    Barambangan, Hasmin M.                              83.275%

7th Place    Ameril, Shaibani                                              83.075%

8th Place    Tawano, Abdul Raheem R.                              82.975%

9th Place    Domadalug-Abdullah, Moumina Sheryne L.   82.400%

10th Place  Alioden, Mohammad Muzahim A.                  82.175%

The Special Shari’ah Bar Exam is administered by the Supreme Court of the Philippines every two years for purposes of qualifying for a position in the Shari’ah courts. Bar takers for the 2022 Shari’ah Bar Exams underwent a 45-day seminar training conducted by the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) on Jurisprudence and Customary Laws; Persons, Family Relations, and Property; Successions, Wills, Adjudication, and Settlement of States; and Procedure in Shari’a Courts.      

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