6th Regional Virtual Summer Camp

Philippine’s representative for International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), Dr. Alizaman D. Gamon, faculty member of International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM), Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (KIRKHS) contacted the University of the Philippines-Institute of Islamic Studies (UP-IIS) through Dean Macrina A. Morados inviting participants from the UP Institute of Islamic Studies to attend the 6th IIIT Regional Virtual Summer Camp. UP-IIS was given 20 slots for the virtual conference. However, it turned out, there were twenty-two (22) M.A. students registered and attended the conference representing UP-IIS. The 2-day Regional Virtual Summer Camp dubbed as “Leadership and Knowledge Culture Developmentwas organized via Zoom by the International Institute of  Islamic Thought (IIIT) from December 12 to 13, 2020. The event was also participated by other Muslim youth leaders representing the following countries: Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, and Australia.

Prominent Muslim scholars shared their expertise during the 2-day event. Among the lecturers were Dr. Mohammad Fauzan Noordin, who talked about Digital Challenges and how Muslims can manage the social media. Dr. Mohamed Aslam Haneef, discussed lengthily about the “Integrated Islamic Education’’ while Dr. Shafiq Flynn, highlighted the “Role of the Masjid” in promoting a systematic knowledge. Meanwhile, Dr. Abdul Mun’im Sombat Jitmoud, shared his personal experience in Islamizing knowledge in the United States while Br. Yusof Yu discussed the role of Muslim in the Development of Future Muslim Communities and Dr Alizaman Gamon inspired the participants with his lecture on “Developing Culture of Knowledge and Civilization”. Gurhan Adan, one of the IIS participants commented on Dr Gamon’s lecture “I personally felt empowered when Doc Alizaman Gamon assured the revivalism of the golden age of civilization will not take any longer.”

The IIIT is the premier international organization focusing on providing a platform for the unique perspective of Muslim thinkers, scholars and practitioners in the humanities and social sciences. It has been a voice of moderation, diversity and modernity in Islamic thought, with an emphasis on concepts such as co-existence and building the capacity of communities to address their common global and local challenges. It was established in 1981 as non-profit organization in the US.

Writer: Noor Mohammad Umug (University Researcher II)

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