UP IIS “Virtual” Recognition Ceremony

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has to deal with the “new normal.” In this new set-up, mass gathering is prohibited because getting infected with the dreaded disease is relatively high. As a result, many activities or transactions are cancelled including graduation or recognition ceremony. Despite this, the Institute of Islamic Studies continues to give significance to this momentous event, as we are to conduct the 30th Recognition Ceremony using the Zoom platform.

Now in its 30th year, the UP IIS Recognition Ceremony symbolizes every student’s journey and success towards getting their dream degree. More importantly, using this degree and finding a place outside the University where they can flourish and contribute meaningfully to society while carrying with them the ideals of their dear Alma Mater—to help attain progress and development in the country.

Joining this year’s Recognition Ceremony is a well-known alumnus of the UP IIS and Peace Educator in the Philippines, Dr. Anshari P. Ali. Currently, Dr. Ali is the 6th Chancellor of Mindanao State University (MSU)–General Santos Campus. He is a member of the Philippine Shari’ah Bar, having passed the Shari’ah Bar Examination in 1991. He is recently selected as the 2019 OUTSTANDING UNESCO CLUB EDUCATOR OF THE PHILIPPINES for his advocacy on PEACE EDUCATION by the National Coordinating Body of UNESCO Clubs in the Philippines (NCBUCP), Inc.

The UP Institute of Islamic Studies is proud to produce another batch of “catalysts of change,” as Ms. Nicole R. Mejia believes her role to be. Being a non-Muslim student of the Institute, Nicole shared that she “found kindred spirits among her Muslim brothers and sisters” and, more importantly, “comfort, peace, and hope in Islam,” a religion that she respect and truly honours. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, “there is still reason to celebrate” and “it is in this kind of situation that our true character is revealed,” according to Ms. Cadilyn B. Bedol. She also reminded everyone “that no disaster strikes save by God’s leave and whoever believes in God, He guides his heart.” Sharing his “journey” in the Institute, Mr. Munding-Milaham M. Abduraman was reminded of the “ups and downs” he went through. However, that “journey,” according to him, was “a fruitful one” and that “the memories are worth treasuring.” Ms. Zenaida O. Dacula added that although the ceremony “marks the last day of their stay in the Institute, it is still the beginning of another chapter in their journey of life.”

To all Graduates, congratulations and good luck!

Here’s the Youtube link of the video recording of the first virtual Recognition Ceremony of the UP Institute of Islamic Studies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0om4Hg2-xGY&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3d-jKS2XFIiVV0mbOJYccIBFXW2j4UnDmFjFE0wW_rUbs6lYHLSn3nRZQ

Author: Kamaruddin Bin Alawi Mohammad (University Researcher II)

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