Living accommodations for students are provided in the University’s residence halls or in approved privately-owned housing units. In the Diliman campus there are 10 residence halls: one for men, four for women and five-co-educational. The residence hall for sophomore and senior men is Narra. The residence halls for women are Ilang-ilang, Kamia, Sampaguita, and Sanggumay. The co-educational residence halls are International Center, for foreign students and a limited number of Filipino students; Kalayaan, for freshmen; Ipil for graduate students; Molave, for sophomores; and Yakal for upperclassmen.

Early application is important in obtaining residence hall space. Immediately upon receipt of the notification of admission, a student desiring to stay in a residence hall should file an application for admission in a residence hall. Inquiries regarding a particular residence hall should be addressed to the Residence Hall Head. Upperclassmen desiring to board in private houses on the campus should consult the Office of Student Housing regarding approved boarding houses (freshmen are not allowed to board in private houses on campus).

The climate in the Philippines is tropical and generally pleasant. There are two seasons: the rainy season from June to October and dry season from November to May. The monetary unit is the peso. The conversion rate of US dollar depends upon the conversion rate of the Central Bank at the time of enrollment.

Cost of living

Living expenses depend on a student’s choice, as shown in the table below:

  Student 1 Student 2 Student 3 Student 4 Details
Description Non-dormer but on campus New dorm Traditional dorm Resides in Metro Manila
Days on campus 7 7 7 5
Food (No. of days x food cost/meal) P6,300.00 P6,300.00 P6,300.00 P4,500 P75/meal on and off campus
Transportation P364.00 P364.00 P364.00 P644.00 P6.50/day on campus; P7.00/day off campus
Miscellaneous P150.00 P150.00 P150.00 P150.00 Reproduction of materials and others
Board P2,500 P1,500 P450.00
TOTAL P9,314.00 P8,314.00 P7,264.00 P6,550.00
Average daily expense 310.46 277.13 242.13 176.46


University Dormitories

The 13 UP Diliman residence halls play an important role in the total development of students. These residence halls provide an atmosphere conducive to sound intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual, social and cultural pursuits. They are living laboratories on campus where students are able to integrate the interplay between academic and non-academic learning experiences. No other system of the University has the potential to impact the passing student more than his/her place of residence. The residence halls’ built-in program of activities and services complement the academic programs of the University and capture the essential elements of a “home away from home” where our student-residents obtain an enriching group living experience.

Name of dorm Architect Date of construction Category No. of floors No. of rooms Capacity per room
(no. of beds)
Total capacity
Molave Cesar H.R. Concio 1949 Co-ed,
2 115
(37 male, 22 female)
4 (34 male rms.)
3 (3 male rms.)
2 (female rms.)
Kamia Juan F. Nakpil 1950 Female, undergrad 2 72 4 288
Narra Roberto A. Novenario 1952 Male,
1 88 4 (80 rms.)
3 (4 rms.)
2 (4 rms.)
Sampaguita Juan F. Nakpil 1957 Female, undergrad 2 71 4 284
Ilang-ilang Roberto A. Novenario 1958 Female,
2 68 4 272
Yakal Roberto A. Novenario 1962 Co-ed,
2 141
(49 male, 92 female)
4 (male rms.)
2 (female rms.)
IC Victor N. Tiotuyco 1965 Co-ed,
all levels,
mainly foreign
2 76(40 male,
36 female)
2 (male rms.)
3 (8 female rms.)
2 (28 female rms.)
Ipil Roberto A. Novenario 1965 Co-ed,
2 163
(77 male, 86 female)
2 326
Sanggumay Rosauro P. Villarico 1970 Female,
2 63 2 126
Kalayaan Roberto A. Novenario 1975 Co-ed,
3 267
(85 male, 182 female)
2 534
Kamagong Residence Hall 2005 Graduate/
Junior Faculty, Co-ed
3 25 rooms 3 75
Centennial Dormitory 1 2010 Male, undergrad 5  48 rooms 4 or 6pax
2 or 3 beds
(double deck)
Centennial Dormitory 2 2012 Female,
5  48 rooms  4 or 6pax
2 or 3 beds
(double deck)

Students of the University may avail accommodation in one of the 12 dormitories managed by the Office of the Student Housing (OSH). Six (6) dormitories are co-educational; Kalayaan exclusively for freshmen, Ipil and Kamagong for graduate students, Molave and Yakal for upperclassmen, and the International Center for foreign students including those under the exchange student program. Five (5) are for females; Ilang-Ilang, Kamia, and Sampaguita, and Centennial 2 for undergraduate students. and Sanggumay for the graduate students. The Concordia B. Albarracin Hall or Centennial 1 is exclusively for undergraduate male students.

Admission to the dormitory is coursed through an application process that prioritized freshmen and students with the lowest incomes and with residences farthest from Metro Manila. Each student-dormer is provided with a bed, a mattress, a study table, a chair, and a locker. The monthly rates and restrictions are listed below:

Name of Residence Hall Type Occupants per room Monthly Rate Room Restriction
Centennial For undergraduate and Juris Doctor students 6 P 1,500.00
International Center Foreign students, undergraduate and graduate students 2 P 800.00
3 P 1,500.00 Female only
Ipil Graduate students 2 P 350.00 Priority for males
Kamagong Graduate students 3 P 3,000.00
UP Faculty enrolled in graduate studies 3 P 1,500.00
Kamia Undergraduate 6 P 250.00 Female only
4 P 250.00 Female only
3 P 270.00 Female only
2 P 350.00 Female only
Sampaguita Undergraduate 4 P 225.00 Female only
Sanggumay Graduate students 2 P 450.00 Female only
Yakal Undergraduate 4 P 250.00
2 P 350.00
Ilang-Ilang* Undergraduate 4 P 300.00 Female only
Kalayaan* Freshmen undergraduate 2 P 500.00
Molave* Undergraduate 4 P 250.00 Male only
3 P 270.00 Male only
2 P 290.00 Male only
SINGLE-FEE DORMS (Ilang-Ilang, Kalayaan, Molave)
*The monthly rates of these dorms are the room rate + an average of P 85.00 per day for meals
Rates do not include monthly charges for electricity.

Complete Dormitory Rates

Procedure in Applying for a dormitory slot

Contact Details:
Office of Student Housing
Kalayaan Residence Hall
Call +63.2.426.5708  or +63.2.981.8500 local 4524 to 4510.

Residence Halls Listing
Ilang Ilang Residence Hall – local 4601, 4602
International Center – local 4603, 4604
Ipil Residence Hall – local 4605, 4606
Kalayaan Residence Hall – local 4607, 4608
Kamia Residence Hall – local 4609, 4610
Molave Residence Hall – local 4611, 4612
Sanggumay Residence Hall – local  4615, 4616
Sampaguita Residence Hall – local 4617, 4618
Yakal Residence Hall – local 4620, 4621
Kamagong Residence Hall – 441-0252
Centennial Dormitories – local 8753, 8754


SOLAIR (School of Labor and Industrial Relations) Dormitory

The School of Labor and Industrial Relations (SOLAIR) Dormitory is situated in E. Jacinto Street, near Virata Hall and the National College of Public Administration and Governance (UP NCPAG). It is a convenient lodging place for attendees of events and activities held at SOLAIR that includes seminars, workshops, and fora on labor and industrial relations. Its services can be availed by the general public.

Below are the daily and monthly rates.

Daily Rates
Triple Sharing Occupancy Aircon Room Non-Aircon Room
1 occupant P700.00/pax P400.00/pax
2 occupants P600.00/pax P350.00/pax
3 occupants P500.00/pax P300/pax
Double Sharing Occupancy
1 occupant P700.00/pacx P400.00/pax
2 occupants P600.00/pax P350.00/pax
Monthly Rates
Triple Sharing Occupancy Aircon Room Non-Aircon Room
1 occupant P7,000.00/pax P5,000.00/pax
2 occupants P7,000.00/pax P5,000.00/pax
3 occupants P7,000.00/pax P5,000.00/pax

Address: E. Jacinto St., University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City
Telephone No. +63.2.927.8340 or +63.2.433.6606


NISMED (National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development) Hostel

NISMED is a popular venue for seminars, workshops, conferment of honorary degrees among others. It is also a research institute attached to the College of Education established in 1964. It is a center for research, curriculum development, teacher training, and science and math education and extension work. NISMED also houses a 48-room hostel that can accommodate as many as 120 guests at a time. It has a cafeteria that offers selections for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.Rates differ depending on the amenities of the room.

Type A
(airconditioned, private toilet and bath)
P 1,395.00 P 1,900.00
Type B
(airconditioned, toilet and bath shared by two rooms)
P 1,145.00 P 1,785.00
Type C
(ceiling fan, toilet and bath shared by two rooms)
P 440.00 P 740.00 P 925.00

Address: Qurino St. Cor. Roces Ave., University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City
Telephone Nos. +63.2.981.8500 local 3901 up to 3910; +63.2.927.4276; +63.2.928.1563
Cellphone Nos. +63.918.420.2745


Kapit-Balay Apartment

The Kapit-Balay, a fully-furnished apartment complex beside Balay Kalinaw (also known as Ikeda Hall) is primarily a “home away from home” for foreign visiting professors, researchers, students, and guests. It complements Balay Kalinaw, a venue for civic, cultural, and academic events, as well as social gatherings.

University Guests
(Discounted Rate)
Daily Weekly Monthly*
Small Studio Unit
(Single to double occupancy)
P 940.00 P 5,1110.00 P 15, 930.00
Big Studio Unit
P 1,210.00 P 6,600.00 P 20,590.00
Family Suite
(Two-bedroom apartment, 4 persons maximum capacity)
P 1,530.00 P 8,350.00 P 26,050.00
Executive Room
(Single to double occupancy)
P 1,530.00 P 8,350.00 P 26,050.00
*Monthly rentals do not include charges for utilities and linen service
Non-UP Guests
(Regular Rate)
Daily Weekly Monthly*
Small Studio Unit
(Single to double occupancy)
P 1,210.00 P 6.600.00 P 20,600.00
Big Studio Unit
P 1,573.00 P 8,580.00 P 26,080.00
Family Suite
(4 persons maximum capacity)
P 1,980.00 P 10,820.00 P 33,740.00
Executive Room
(Single to double occupancy)
P 1,980.00 P 10,820.00 P 33,740.00
*Monthly rentals do not include charges for utilities and linen service

Address: Guerrero St. Cor. Dagohoy, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City
Telephone Nos. +63.2.920.4843


University Hotel

Located at the intersection of Guerrero and Aglipay Streets, the University Hotel (UH) is the most popular lodging venue in UP Diliman. Formerly known as PCED (Philippine Center for Economic Development) Hostel, renamed University Hotel on August 13, 2001 by the Board of Overseers (BOO). The BOO supervises the operations of the establishment.

According to its official website, UH was originally conceived as an exclusive hostel for professors, graduate students, and official guests of the University. However, it has been transformed and refurbished into a full-fledged lodging, dining, and conference-and-events facility.

The UH tariff rates are as follow:

Ground Floor Rooms Rooms: 02, 03, 04, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
Daily Monthly
Single P 1,386.00 P 20,790.00
Double P 1,680.00 P 25,200.00
Triple P 2,100.00 P 31,500.00
Rooms: 15, 16
Single P 1, 491.00 P 22,365.00
Double P 1, 811.00 P 27,168.00
Triple P 2, 257.00 P 33,862.00
Extras Mattress P 420.00
Extension per hour P 157.00
Standard Rooms/ GF 09 Daily Monthly
Single P 1,596.00 P 23,940.00
Double P 1,942.00 P 29,137.00
Tripl P 2,415.00 P 36,225.00
Quadruple P 2,887.00 P 43,312.00
Extras Mattress P 420.00
Extension per hour P 157.00
Superior Rooms Daily Monthly
Single P 2,625.00 P 39,375.00
Double P 2,971.00 P 44,565.00
Triple P 3,444.00 P 51,660.00
Quadruple P 3,916.00 P 58,740.00
Quintuple P 4,389.00 P 65,835.00
Sextuple P 4,861.00 P 72,915.00
Extras Mattress P 441.00
Extension per hour P 250.00
De Luxe Suite Daily Monthly
P 3,675.00 P 55,125.00
Extras Bed P 630.00
Mattress P 472.00
Extension per hour P 420.00

Address: Guerrero St. Cor. Aglipay, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City
Telephone Nos. +63.2.426.0674

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