Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees

Graduate Tuition Fee (Sample Calculator)
Sample Computation (3 units)

Tuition Fees (PH₱100 x 3 units)** = PH₱300 (or US$6)

Composition of Miscellaneous Fees:
Registration: PH₱40.00
Athletic: PH₱75.00
Medical: PH₱50.00
Library: PH₱1,200.00
Energy: PH₱0.00
Internet: PH₱0.00
Cultural: PH₱50.00
Total Miscellaneous Fees = PH₱1,415 (or US$28)

Laboratory Fees = PH₱0.00

Composition of Other Fees:
Publication: PH₱78.50
Community Chest: PH₱0.00
CHK Lab: PH₱0.00
.Student Council: PH₱0.00
Total Other Fees = PH₱78.50 (or US$2)

TOTAL of 3-unit Graduate Tuition Fee per semester = PH₱1,828.50 (or US$36)
TOTAL of 6-unit Graduate Tuition Fee per semester = PH₱2,128.50 (or US$42)
TOTAL of 9-unit Graduate Tuition Fee per semester = PH₱2,428.50 (or US$48)
TOTAL of 12-unit Graduate Tuition Fee per semester = PH₱2,728.50 (or US$54)

**Background courses and Arabic language courses are PH₱500 (or US$10) per unit, i.e. per course (3 units) is PH₱1,500 (or US$30).

Foreign Students
Additional PH₱100 (or US$2) deposit and PH₱30 (or US$0.60) entrance fee must be added. All fees are subject to change upon approval of the Board of Regents.

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