The Officers of the UP-IIS Graduate Students Organization

The 2017-2018 Officers of the UP-IIS Graduate Students Organization (GSO)


Hajar Balindong Cabili – PresidentPresident

Hajar Balindong Cabili is from Malabang, Lanao del Sur. She was the former Business Manager Coordinator of Wahdat Al Asabiyyah (former name of the UP-Institute of Islamic Studies Graduate Students Organization) and now the new elected President of the said organization. A second year taking up Master of Arts in Islamic Studies in Institute of Islamic Studies, University of the Philippines Diliman.. She graduated in Mindanao State University Main Campus, Marawi City on April 5, 2013 with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies major in Shariah.

She continued and chose to study Master’s degree in Islamic Studies in order to widen her knowledge and understanding about Islam, to know more about every branches of Islam. As a student of Islamic Studies, what’s interest her is on how Muslim promote halal matters in the Philippines specifically in “promoting halal tourism” for she knows that this country is not a Muslim country and as Muslims, we should be engaged in all halal matters.

The institute has given her the opportunities to participate in all activities and programs like inter-faith dialogue, discussions on trending issues, lectures on research and other academic activities that can help and enhance her capabilities. She had met new friends from other ethno-linguistic groups and made her realized that she can also build a friendship with them. The Institute of Islamic Studies as well as those people she met there have changed her a lot and made her a better and stronger woman. She is inspired to many Muslim scholars, among them are; Dr. Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni, Rabiatul Adawiya and Mufti Menk.


VPNassif Pazaulan Ibra – Vice President for Internal Affairs

Nassif Pazaulan Ibra was born and raised in Marawi City. He graduated from Mindanao State University main campus last 2014 with a degree of AB- Islamic Studies major in Shariah. He is currently taking up his master’s degree in Islamic Studies at the Institute of Islamic Studies, University of the Philippines-Diliman. He is an UP- Presidential Scholarship grantee. Besides, He was a consistent dean’s lister from second semester of 2015-2016 and first semester of 2016-2017. He was the former vice president for external affairs in Wahdat Al-Asabiyyah A.Y 2016 2017. And now, he is the vice president for internal affairs in IIS-Graduate Students Organization A.Y 2017-2018 newly name of Wahdat Al-Asabiyyah.

He has been participated in the programs and activities of IIS. Through the activities conducted by the Institute and/or by the students, it really help him to further widen his knowledge and understanding. Among those activities are: interfaith dialogue, round table discussions, conferences, seminars, team building, lectures, workshops and etc. He had met some clever and brilliant mind scholars including those from other countries who had invited by the Institute.

His interest in research is the condition of the youth as he believes that youth will be the next generation that will lead the society. He is also interested in History; Islamic civilization; Politics and Cultures. He is inspired to Dr. Zakir Naik, M. Fethullah Gulen and Dr. Bilal Philips who are one of the famous Muslim scholars in this era. Their methods of propagating the message of Islam really inspire him because it is relevant in the modern era.


VP2Asmin Palo Abdullah – Vice-President for External Affairs

Asmin Palo Abdullah is the Vice-President for External Affairs of the University of the Philippines, Institute of Islamic Studies Graduate Students Organization (UP-IIS GSO) A.Y 2017-2018 and formerly elected as a Provost Marshall of the said organization (formerly, Wahdat Al-Asabiyyah) A.Y 2016-2017. She is currently taking up her Master’s Degree in Islamic Studies at the Institute of Islamic Studies, University of the Philippines-Diliman. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Mindanao State University-General Santos City with the degree of Islamic Studies major in Islamic History in June, 2016 and graduated with Latin Honor.

Her research interests include Islamic Political Thought, Islamic Law, Islamic Civilization and History, Muslims in the Contemporary society, Islamic Banking and Economics, and issues concerning Women and Children. Among the prominent Muslim scholars that she admires are Aisha Bint Abubakr, Ibn Sina, Al Farabi, Imam Al-Ghazzali, Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas, and Asma Afsaruddin.

She decided to pursue her Master’s Degree in Islamic Studies in the said University as she believes that it will provide her the best standard of education that she desires for the benefit of the Muslim world. She believes that the institute will further enhance her writing and research skills that she could utilize in her future career. Moreover, she is confident that the institute will also help her develop her thinking to be more critical and intellectually disciplined, and lastly, she firmly believes that the institute would also give her the best opportunities to participate and be exposed in the national and international conferences that discuss issues concerning matters that she is enthusiastically interested.


SecAisah P. Solaiman – Secretary-General

Aisah P. Solaiman is the secretary-general of UP-IIS Graduate Students Organization and a member of UP-Muslim Student Association. She is currently taking her MA at Institute of Islamic Studies, University of the Philippines-Diliman. She earned her degree of Bachelor of Science in International Relations at Mindanao State University-Main with distinct honors and recognitions.

Further, Ms. Solaiman is fascinated in the studies of International relations, cultures and arts of Meranaos, Islamic Economics and Politics. Among the Muslims scholars who inspired her are Ismail Ibn Kathir, Dr. Salih al-Fawzan and Taqi ad-Din Ahmad Ibn Taymiyyah. Studying Islamic Studies is a fate. It wasn’t part of a plan but Allah is the best planner of all. She was able to attend, organize and facilitate different conferences, forums, seminars, workshops and convention through the Institute which widens her perception of life.




TreasurerNur-Jihad Balangue Abbas – Treasurer

Nur-Jihad Balangue Abbas is the new elected treasurer of Institute of Islamic Studies Graduate Students Organization, the official student organization of the University of the Philippines Institute of Islamic Studies. He finished his Bachelors of Arts in Islamic Studies major in Shari’ah at the King Faisal Center for Islamic, Arabic and Asian Studies (KFCIAAS) and is now taking his Masters of Arts in Islamic Studies in the abovementioned institute.

Studying at the institute enable him to understand Islam deeper and meet people with the same field of interest. Furthermore, his current degree triggered his interest about Islamic Law and how Islam do its part in establishing a good relationship between people in this contemporary society. As an Internally Displaced Person from a war torn Marawi, he finds no interest in pursuing the degree offered to him. However, due to the willingness of his parents to continue his studies, he then took the opportunity to be a part of the Institute.

He is inspired by the works of some of the great scholars of Islam like Ibn Siena, Ibn Rushd and Ibn Khaldun. As he was aiming to be scholar of Islam also by the will of the Almighty. So far, as a student of the Institute, he realizes that seeking knowledge should be continued given the circumstances that he or she is facing. After all, he is hopeful that in the future, his works will benefit the Bangsamoro people and be united under the concept of Ummah ‘enjoying what is good and forbidding what is bad.



Jadida M. Bustamen – Auditor

She is Jadida M. Bustamen, currently the Auditor of UP-IIS GSO. She enrolled a master’s degree at Institute of Islamic Studies, University of the Philippines-Diliman last 2015, with a degree of Master of Arts in Islamic Studies. She finished her Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies major in Shariah from King Faisal Center for Islamic, Arabic and Asian Studies, Mindanao State University-Main Campus last 2015

She is interested to “Diversity of the curriculum in Islamic studies teachings: Focus on Management Strength and Weaknesses of Bangsamoro” as her research. She takes master’s degree  because aside from the fact of widening and deepening her understanding of different teachings for Islamic Studies, she is eager and vow to contribute to her community, as  being defines literally depress community, in a sense that, it is an opportunity to published books and articles, acquainted in various methods of propagating Islam.” She is inspired to the following three Muslim scholars in Islamic namely: Aisha Bint Abu Bakr, Umm Darda as-Sughra and John L. Esposito.

Her experienced of being a student of IIS is that when she first entered in Institute, her friend said that she will become a scholar and it always rung in her ears repeatedly. She becomes conscious and needs to admit that entering UP-IIS is not only a challenge, but also sometimes a burden to the extent that people always test you, admiring you in some point. UP-IIS gives different impact in her life. Sometimes she even hides to the people that she is from UP-IIS, because being part of the institute is a scholarly and professionally oriented to many things involving the core of Islam, see? It is a big title; she now knows what she involved herself into”.


Media DiplomatNorhanan Pandapatan Mangadang – Media Diplomat

Norhanan Pandapatan Mangadang is the Media Diplomat of the Graduate Student Organization of Institute of Islamic Studies in University of the Philippines-Diliman. She is currently taking up her Master of Arts in Islamic Studies in the institution. She graduated in Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with an Honorable Mention and a candidacy for the Outstanding Graduate of her batch.

Her research interest typically lies in the social field. Specifically, she’s eyeing to have a research on how the media brands the Muslim society and its effects on the society itself. She decided to take up Master of Arts in Islamic Studies because she wanted to have a deeper understanding of Islam in a social science aspect rather than it being a religion only because she strongly believes in the explanation that Islam is a way of living rather than just being a mere religion and this is particularly due to her growing up in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and spending her childhood and teenager years there.

She has many scholars that inspired her throughout her life such as Al-Ghazali, Al-Kindi, and Ibn Sina whom were all philosophers. She has been inspired by them because of their great works that eventually played major roles in the Islamic society.


SocialNorhanefa Basman Mimbisa – Social Action Coordinator

She is Norhanefa Basman Mimbisa, who was elected as a social action coordinator of UP-IIS GSO. She is taking up her Master of Arts in Islamic Studies in the Institute of Islamic Studies, University of the Philippines-Diliman, Quezon City. She finished Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies major in Sharia at Mindanao State University main campus.

She decided to study in UP-IIS because she wants to broadened her field of being an Islamic Studies student and to master it. Aside from that she wants to review for her sharia bar examination since most of the examiners are from UP-IIS.

Her research is about forbidden marriage among Maranao: perception among Maranaos in Quiapo, Manila, Philippines. She is inspired to Dr. Bilal Philips, Sheikh Prof. Dr. Yusuf Abdullah Al-Qaradawi and Abu Nasr Muhammad Ibn Muhammad Farabi.




BDC2Nornisah Macud Taha – Business Coordinator Development

Nornisah Macud Taha, is one of the elected officers with a position of business development coordinators of the University of the Philippines – Institute of Islamic Studies Graduate Students Organization (UP- IIS GSO). She is currently taking up her Master of Arts in Islamic Studies at in the said institute. She completed her bachelor’s degree at Kuwait University with a degree of Shari’ah and Islamic Studies majore in Comparative Jurisprudence and Policy of Shari’ah. Her research interest includes: Jurisprudence, Women and Marriage.

She pursued her dream to be one of the Iskolar ng Bayan in order to boost her knowledge in Islamic Studies and to have a deeper understanding in her field that can be her future career and therefore serve as her guide to be a competent Muslimah, leader of tomorrow. To name some of her inspirations in her field are the mother of the believers Aisha Bint Abi Bakr, Abd al-Azis ibn Abdullah ibn Baz and Abd al-Hamidh Kishk.





Insherah B. Gunting – Business Coordinator Development

Insherah B. Gunting is the current Business Development Manager of UP-IIS GSO. She is taking up her master’s degree in the Institute of Islamic Studies, University of the Philippines-Diliman. She finished her Bachelor of Elementary Education, major in Early Childhood Education from Al-Kwarizmi International College on 2015.

She decided to take her MA in Islamic Studies because she wanted to broadened her understanding about Islam and to learn more deeply about Shari’ah in order to practice it and become a good example not only to the Muslims but also to mankind as a whole. Her research is about “Extent of Education and Awareness of Muslim Filipinos on Islamic law on Succession”. She is inspired to Shamsul Haque Faridpuri, Muhammed Hamdi Yazir and Said Nursi.

Since she is a new enrolled in IIS, her experiences is more on learning about Islam, especially her four Shari’ah bar subjects as part of her preparation to Sharia’ah Bar Examination. So far her experiences with her classmates in the Institute are very supportive and kind people. Moreover, she has always been challenged to the activities and programs conducted by the Institute.


Provst1Norhazrin Sangbaan Curo – Provost Marshall 

He is Norhazrin Sangbaan Curo elected as a Business Manager of Institute of Islamic Studies, UP Diliman, Quezon City in the year 2016-2017 and again elected as a Provost Marshall in the year 2017-2018. He completed his primary and secondary school at Dansalan College Foundation, Marawi City where he graduated last 2008 and 2012 respectively. Then he proceed his Bachelor’s degree at Mindanao State University Main-Campus, Marawi City with the program Islamic Studies Major in Shar’ah in year 2015. He is currently taking up his Master of Arts in Islamic Studies at Institute of Islamic Studies, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.

The Institute of Islamic Studies, UP Diliman, motivates him to build that attitude of being critical thinker as the other Muslim scholars also had. This institute becomes the instrument for him to meet different people with different culture, brilliant professors whom inspired him to study hard to become beneficial to the community. The differences of cultures and tribes amazes him because of the intercultural aspect is observed in this Institute of Islamic Studies in which it must be applied in our community to build a well develop community or society. There are many things he has learned during his study in the Institute of Islamic Studies too many to cite. He attended many lectures, symposium, round table discussion, interfaith dialogue and seminars and others activities.

His field of study is Violent Extremism: The level of tendency to become violent extremist in the Philippines. This study of him is very crucial in a sense that he himself hesitate to pursue this study. However, he is now in the middle of conducting the study and hopefully to finish the study very soon. He is inspired of the writings of Fetullah Gulen, Yasir Qadhi and Aidh Ibn Abdullah al-Qarni whom inspired him to pursue his Master’s degree and also to conduct his study on violent extremism.


Provst2Amer Alawi Ibrahim – Provost Marshall 

Amer Alawi Ibrahim is a member of (UP-IIS GSO) Graduate Students Organization of Institute of Islamic Studies, University of the Philippines. He has been taking his Master’s Degree in the same University since he was admitted in August 2017. He gained his baccalaureate degree at RC-Alkhwarizmi International College Foundation Incorporated in Marawi City with a degree of BS-Diplomacy and International Relations.

He earned his Islamic Studies and memorized the Qur’an at Zaid bin Thabith, King Faisal, Mindanao State University. Among his research interests are the Qur’an and its Commentary and Islamic Sects. He decided to study at Institute for he believed that it would not only the means to widen his horizon about Islam but also it serves as a stepping-stone of his future dream which is to become an influential scholar of Islam. He is enthusiastically inspired by many prominent scholars such as Muhammad Al-Azami, Nouman Khan and Bilal Philips.

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