Core Research Works and Projects

Core Research at the UP Institute of Islamic Studies focuses on four concentrations: (1) History, Culture and Society of Muslims in the Philippines, (2) Islamic Law (specifically, Muslim Personal Laws of the Philippines), (3) Islamic Thought and Civilization (4) International Relations (siyar) of the Ummah. These research areas complemented the major MA programs, theses, academic activities, and scholarly publications of the institute.

Research (August 2016 – present)

1. Compilation of orature of Muslims in the Philippines – for publication
2. Enhancement of the IIS student research mentoring process by developing additional methodologies and process assessment tools
———-Concept Note Template
———-Thesis Proposal Viability Checklist
———-Periodic Student Progress Report
———-Matrix of IS 300 Student Activities
3. Student Research Mentoring sessions
4. Training module development: Halal 101, Halal Audit
5. Case Study on North Fairview, QC ALIVE Program
6. Research Dissemination via Paper presentation
———-Islam in Southeast Asia
———-Indigenous Muslim leadership constructs
———-Moro Historiography and the psychology of raiding and slaving
———-Etymology of the term Tausug
———-Origin and etymology of the term Moro
———-Transpersonal psychology: Muslim Filipino experience
———-Concept of peace in Islam
———-Pre-Islamic Culture of the Tausug people
———-Plaza Pershing: Now and Then
7. Teaching Module development: Islam in SEA


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