List of Theses



2005-06, 2nd Semester
ADAM, Abdullah B. 
“The Islamic Influence on the Iranun Child Rearing Practices”
“The Implementation of Zakat in Cotabato City”
ELDANI, Abdulhamid A.
“Pag-umbu Ritual: Its Effects on Cultural Encounter among the Sama in Tawi-tawi”
RACMAN, Sohayle M. Abdul
“The Motivating Factors to Study: The Case of the Muslim Students in the University of the Phlippines, Diliman”
TAN, Abdel Khan A.
“Tausug Feeding Practices: Its Implications on Child’s Health and Nutrition”

2005-06, 1st Semester
AMBAL, Alexander V.
“Implications of Traditional and Islamic Values in Program Implementation and Design: The Case of the AFP’s Salaam Program in Maguindanao”
JALILULLA, Amilhusin Sabdani
“Halaw Experience: Economic Challenges and Survival of Selected Filipino Deportees from Malaysia”

2004-05, 2nd Semester
BENITO, Muslima L.
“Kabpagutang sa Bagiseg: An Economic Practice among the Maguindanaon in Isulan Municipality”
BORROWA, Shalma D.
“Legal Pluralism in Islam: A Study on the Application of Taritib, Islamic and Secular Laws on Land Ownership among the Maranaos”
KADIL, Mohammad Nur A.
“The Perception of the Ulama on Islamic Education in Zamboanga City”
SIDDIQUE, AbdelAzeem A. Moh
“Balik-Islam: Religious Reversion, Identity Changes and Challenges”
SATTAR, Alzad T.
“Al-qada’wa al-qadar: Perceptions of Ulama in Basilan and Its Implications on their
Religious, Political and Socio-Economic Conditions”

2003- 04, 1st Semester
CORPUZ, Reuben B.
“Urban Muslim Community in Manila: A Critique of the Maharlika Village Project”

2003-04, 2nd Semester
“The Kolibugan Gukum: An Indigenous Legal Institution for Dispute Settlement in a Muslim Community”
USMAN, Norina A.
“Muslim Entrepreneurship: A Case Study of Selected Muslim Entrepreneurs in Zamboanga City”

2002-03, 2nd Semester
ABIRIN, Sharif M.
“Cultural Study on Selected Tausug Practices of Bid’a (Innovation)”
MORADOS, Macrina Adjerol
“Muslim Divorce Law under P.D. 1083: An Analysis of Its Application to Selected Cases Decided at the Sulu Shari’ah Circuit Courts”
MARIANO, Ermina C.
“The Healing Beliefs and Practices of the Magtatabib among the Yakans of Basilan”
PULA, Norma A.
“A Study on Polygamous Marriage in Culiat Tandang Sora, Quezon City”
TAGAYAN, Abdelnazer Abdukahal
“The Tausug Pagtiya’un (Marriage): Then and Now”

2002, Summer
“A Preliminary Study of the Sulu-Malay Trade in the 20th Century”

2001-02, 2nd Semester
DAGUIT, Abdulhadi Bin A.T.
“The Role of Rabitatul ‘ Alam Al-Islamic (Muslim World League) International Islamic Relief Organization of Saudi Arabia in the Philippines, 1985-2001”
SAHIBIL, Nur-Ain Legaspi
“Pagbaktul Sin Kamataan: An Investigation into the Family Planning Practices of Sulu”

2001-02, 1st Semester
KALIPA, Abdulgani M.
“Jihad Fiy Sabillah: Its Implication to the MILF Armed Struggle in the Southern Philippines”

1998-99, 2nd Semester
“Plan B – Non-Thesis”
CUATON, Bertilo
“The Ramos Peace Initiatives: Perceptions of Muslim Professionals in General Santos City”

1997-98, 2nd Semester
TAHIL, Abdulgani
“Sufism in Southeast Asia: A Case Study of Dzikrullah Tariqatul Mufarridiyyah”

1997, Summer
NALG, Tahir G.
“Islamic Development: Its Relevance to the Economic Development of the Municipality of Buluan, Maguindanao (1980-1996)”

1996-97, 1st Semester
WERBLE, Magsaysay S.
“The Mindanao Peace Process: Chronology of Events from Tripoli to Jakarta 1976-1996”

1995-96, 2nd Semester
CAPAL-GURO, Elin Anisha M.      
“The Role of the Bangsamoro Women in the Moro National Liberation Front’s (MNLF) Political Struggle (Jihad Fi Sabilillah)”
DAVID, Isabelita B.  
“Reading Habits and Interests of MSU-Maguindanao: A Survey towards providing them Library Services”
ABAS, Basit
“Plan B – Non-Thesis”
A Study on the Pattern of Political Leadership in Kabuntalan, Maguindanao (1898-1993)”
MACALIPOT, Monaoray A.
“Perception of Teachers and Students of Marawi City, Mindanao State University Integrated Laboratory School on Arabic Language”

1995, Summer
“Organ Donation in Islam: A Jurisprudential Inquiry”
CALSADO, Quirico M.
“Courtship Practices as Reflected in the Selected Folklore Materials of the Maranaos”

1994-95, 2nd Semester
LINGGA, Abhoud Syed M.
“The Political Thought of Salamat Hashim”

1994, Summer
TUYA, Mokhalidin M.
“The Effects of Social Problem on the Religiosity of Muslim Mothers in Datu Piang, Maguindanao”
“Col. Mu’ammar Al-Qathafi’s Third Universal Theory: An Analysis of Its Basic Principles and the Receptiveness of the Filipino Muslim Professionals in Metro Manila towards Its Operationalization”

1993-94, 2nd Semester
LADJA, Eddie M.
“Drug Abuse: Its Impact on the Socio-Religious and Educational Life of the Tausug Youth in Jolo”
WADI, Julkipli M.
“Islamic Diplomacy: A Case Study of the Organization of Islamic Conference and the Pacific Settlement of the Bangsamoro Question (1972-1982)”
ABDULKARIM, Kamarodin A.
“Comparative Study of Islamic Revivalism in Some Countries”
CAUP, Dialica L.
“The Concepts and Function of Human Rights: Recent Western Politics and Applications in Muslim Countries”
ESMULA, Hadja Eleanor
“The Impact of Tabligh and Da’wah in the Socio-Religio Transformation in Jolo”
“The Tabligh in a Muslim Community: A Case Study of Tabligh in Campo Islam”

1991-92, 1st Semester
 ALI, Anshari
“The Institution of a Muslim Legal System: A Case Study on the Shari’ah Courts in Marawi City”

1991, Summer
KADIL, Alano T.
“The Kandagang Practices of the Maguindanaons of Cotabato City: A Study on Its Islamic Perspective”
SARAL, Rohel J.
“Attitudes towards the Teaching of Islam: A Survey of the Public School Muslim Teachers in Zamboanga City”
PUNTUKAN, Ibnohajar A.
“Pagkawasa: A Study of the Struggle for the Political Power among Contemporary Tausug Elites”
KIMPA, Saukhani H.B.
“Some Administrative Problems of Madaris in the Province of Sulu”
ABAS, Basil M.
“The Maguindanaoan Small Business Practice: A Case Study of Kapagaul (Loom Weaving)”

1990-91, 2nd Semester
“Perception of Maranao Women Leaders on their Role in the Society”
“The Farming Rituals among Maguindanaon Rice Farmers”
UNGGANG, Nuruddin I.
“Zakah as an Institution: Its Economic Significance in a Muslim Community”

1990, Summer
CANACAN, Abdurrahman T.
“Muslim Professionals in Metro Manila: A Study of their Identity and Its Implications to National Unity”
“Factors Associated with the Employment of Muslim Filipino Wives in Metro Manila and Its Impact on their Families”
ISMAEL, Jaiya Munjarin
“Pagsanda: A Study of an Economic Institution among the Moros of Basilan”
TULIB, Ismael Hassanin Ahmad
“The Muslim Filipino Scholars to Egypt: Their Impact on the Development of Muslim Communities in the Philippines”

1989-90, 2nd Semester
AKKUH, Sanuan I.
“A Study of Arabic and Islamic Influences on the Sama Culture”
CALIMBA, Maulawi L.
“Muslim Intellectual’s Contribution to Islamic Resurgence in the Philippines: A Historical Survey”
DARUL, Ibrahim M.
“The Impact of Islam on the Social Development of Badjaw in Sitankay”
“Admnistration of Arabic Language Courses in Cotabato City, State Polytechnic College: A Case Study”
TAHIL, Muktar A.M.  
“Lupah Kamaasan: A Study of the Tausug System of Land Ownership and Cultivation”
YOO, Wang Jong
“Moros-Marcos Regime of Conflict: Its Impact on Philippine Sovereignty and International Relation to the Muslim Countries”

1988-89, 2nd Semester
ONTOK, Elena M.
“Maguindanaoan Adat on Inheritance: Their Conformity and Disconformity with Qur’ān and Prophetic Tradition”
“Ulama Political Participation: The Case of the Ompia Party in Lanao del Sur”

1988-89, 1st Semester
ISDURI, Adjili N.
“Pagduwaa Bulan: A Critical Analysis on the Islamic Ideality of the Tausug Rituals”
YACOB, Sulufitra
“The Pag-ubat among the Tausug of Siasi, Sulu: Its Relevance to the Islamic Practice of Healing”
BARA, Hannibal
“The Decline of the Sulu Sultanate and Its Impact upon the Socio-Political Condition of the Tausug”

1987, Summer
ALI, Aliman
“The Islamic Elements in a Folk-Narrative: The Case of the Maguindanaoan Indarapatra.”

1986-87, 2nd Semester
AMIRUL, Ahajul
“The Marriage Practices and the Dowry Problem in Jolo, Sulu (Lupah Sug)”
MATLI, Muhammad Abdulnazeir N.
“The Muslim Traditional System of Education: A Preliminary Study of the Tausug Model.”

1985-86, 2nd Semester
“The Muslims in Metro Manila: Their beginning and Growth into Communities (1964-1984)”

1985, Summer
CAFE, Fredelino A.
“A Content Analysis on the Image Portrayal of the Mindanao Muslims by Bulletin Today Newspaper in 1971, 1976 and 1981.”

1984-85, 2nd Semester
BENITO, Talib A.
“Marawi City to Islamic City of Marawi: An Attitudinal Study of the City’s residents. ”
PANDAPATAN, Khaironisha I.A.
“Professional Maranaos’ perceptions on MAHR (Dowry)”

1984, Summer
MARIGA, Mohammad Ali T.
“Student’s Attitude towards Arabic as a Subject in the Mindanao State University External Studies”

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