TIMESLOT: Tuesday, 1-2 PM
COLLEGE/UNIT: Institute of Islamic Studies
HOST/S: Kamaruddin Bin Alawi Mohammad and Darwin Absari

Salam Radyo is one of the Institute of Islamic Studies’ creative windows to the academic world and Philippine society. The dynamic, interactive format allows us the opportunity to live one institutional mandate, that is, to be informed and enlightened ambassadors for the Muslim communities in the Philippines, engaging national society in an atmosphere of collegiality and mutual respect.

It engages people, personalities and organizations to share their ideas and advocacies in order to appreciate their unique contributions to Philippine society.

Salam Radyo opens discourse on hot issues and significant topics that resonate in the Muslim world. Ultimately, we seek for that sometimes elusive point of mutual understanding and genuine cordiality among multicultural peoples.

2012-2013 Episodes

2015 Episodes 

2016 Episodes

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2018 Episodes

2019 Episodes

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