Webinar: Women’s Rights to Inheritance Law

Muslim women’s rights to inheritance are frequently questioned by many. Inheritance in Islam or Mirath, includes many properties that are seen, touched, and felt, acquired in the present time, or passed down from generations to generation, and more. People without knowledge about this matter are concluding that Muslim women are not allowed to inherit anything from her parents, relatives, and even her husband.

In contrary to this belief, the chapter four of the Holy Qur’an titled the Surah An-Nisaa (Women), verse seven states that: “Men shall have a share in what parents and relatives leave behind, and women shall have a share in what parents and relatives leave behind, whether it be little or much. This is ordained [by God].”

Although it is proven true that women back then before this verse has been revealed were not privileged to receive any inheritance from their kinsmen, as inheritance before Islam had always been given to the men members of the family. Hence, the Qur’an makes sure that a Muslim woman has rights of inheritance as a daughter after her parents’ death, as a wife after her husband’s death, and as a mother after her son’s death.

With this, the student-led team Women for Peace and Power under Ateneo Peace Institute is launching the second session of the AKAP Movement entitled: “Women’s Rights to Inheritance Law” with Atty. Mehol K. Sadain as the resource speaker to disseminate more information and knowledge regarding the topic.

This aims to create an avenue for the Muslim women leaders to dialogue and debunk the misconceptions about their role in Islam.

This event is open to the women of the Islamic community. Message the Ateneo Peace Institute’s page to join the event and follow our Facebook page to keep updated about the project!

Credit: This post is copied from the original Facebook Post of Ateneo Peace Institute.

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