PNP-NCR gets Cultural Sensitivity Boost

“The initiative of conducting cultural-sensitive seminars promote an appreciation [for] cultural diversity geared towards peaceful coexistence, respect, and tolerance.” This action, according to the University of the Philippines Institute of Islamic Studies Dean, Asst. Prof. Macrina A. Morados is a good way to mend and prevent public furor caused by the controversial PNP memorandum directing to submit an updated list of Muslims students.

In the hopes of strengthening the cultural sensitivity of PNP personnel in the National Capital Region, the National Capital Region Police Office  (NCRPO) through its Regional Community Affairs and Development Division in partnership with UP Institute of Islamic Studies conducted a Cultural Sensitivity Seminar last February 27-28, 2020 at the Moral and Spiritual Formation Center, Bagong Diwa, Taguig City.

Facilitated by UP Institute of Islamic Studies faculty members together with Commissioner Yusuf Roque Morales of the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos, the seminar provided the participants the opportunity to deepen their understanding of Muslim beliefs, culture, and tradition. The Seminar featured plenary sessions that tackled different topics on cultural literacy, cultural sensitivity, code on Muslim Personal Laws, alternative dispute resolution, handling Muslim legal issues, and understanding Moro history. The participants capped the event with an immersion visit to the two mosques in Manila–a move that fosters to build rapport and positive relations with different sectors of the Muslim community.

In line with PNP’s mandate for greater community engagement with its constituents, NCRPO Regional Director PMGEN Debold M. Sinas supports advocating for cultural sensitivity activities to create a positive impact among the PNP personnel, especially those from areas in NCR. He reveals his optimism that the seminar will “ensure that policemen in Metro Manila will know how to engage with the Muslim community.” A total of 100 PNP Police Regional Community Relations and Development Officers attended the seminar.

“Cultural diversity separates us in many ways, but one thing unites us—our [endless] chase or a peaceful place to live. For years this has been the goal of every civilization. To make the community a safe and peaceful place to live in.”- PCol Ariel R. Fulo, NCRPO Regional Community Affairs and Development Division Chief.

The Institute of Islamic Studies of the University of the Philippines Diliman is the face of the scholarly and academic Muslim community in the Philippines. It fulfills its vision and mission as the government’s partner in attaining progress and development in the country.

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