UP IIS Hosts Ramadan Iftar 2019

For the past years, the UP Institute of Islamic Studies has hosted a month-long Iftar during Ramadan as part of its community extension services. Iftar is the meal eaten by the observers to break their fast at a specific time after sunset. This year 2019, our iftar activities were held in two locations—UP Diliman and Camp Karingal. In UP Diliman, iftar is held at our new “home” at the 3rd floor of the School of Urban and Regional Planning (SURP), for the benefit of UP Diliman Muslim students, faculty and staff. Outsiders and even non-Muslims have also been welcomed. Close to fifty (50) individuals come for iftar from Monday to Friday. In Camp Karingal, iftar is held in the Female Dormitory in Quezon City. There are at least 60 Muslim women PDL (Persons deprived of liberty) benefiting from the program that is targeted to run for 10 days.

This year, we thank our major sponsors Mahmoud Ismail and Sarah Ibrahim (MISI-Dubai) through Engr. Ismail Mahmoud, the M. Al-Rabah of Kuwait through Engr. Sadoun Alowayesh and his wife Carmela Zainab Hainto, the Australian Muslim Community through Bro. Saleem Habibullah, and the Qatar Embassy in Manila. We likewise thank our other sponsors who provided iftar in the Institute of Islamic Studies like Uni-Harmony, the KHAS restaurant, our alumnus Acmad Macarimbang and his wife Zeny-Linda Nandu, Senior Lecturer Abdulhadi Daguit, Ms. Sadia Sultana (a Bangladeshi expatriate), Mr. & Mrs. Andanar and among others. Engr. Alowayesh and his wife also donated prayer mats (sadjadas) for the new UP IIS musallah area and 160 kilos of dates (tamer) to be shared during Iftar activities.

Besides iftar sharing, tarawi prayers were also organized by the Institute. It is held during weekdays, Mondays to Fridays, at Cariño Hall, 3rd floor, School of Urban and Regional Planning (SURP). The Institute is very thankful to Dr. Hussein Lidasan, the new Dean of School of Urban and Regional Planning (SURP), and the SURP family for providing space for the Institute’s Ramadan activities.

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