Ramadan 2018: UP IIS holds Iftar Program

Ramadan 2018 started last May 17, 2018. It is considered most sacred month of the year. Ramadan is full of sacrifices but most loved by the Muslims. During Ramadan, Muslims experience two occasions of joy – first, during the time of Iftar  (breaking of the fast) when one completes his day of sacrifice putting in control his personal desire over ibadah (worship) and second, when the fasting person meets his Creator and eternally enjoy the reward of his/her good deeds in jannah (paradise).

With renewed spirit to promote solidarity and camaraderie among Muslims and Non-Muslims in the Campus, the UP Institute of Islamic Studies continues to offer iftar program. This has become a tradition of the UP Muslim community through the Institute to gather Muslim Faculty members, staff, students, guests, non-Muslim friends and visitors from neighboring Muslim communities around Quezon City to partake iftar as one family. This year, the UP IIS iftar program is realized through various sponsorships who are taking turn from Monday to Friday of the entire month of Ramadan.

Embassies Sponsor Iftar

The Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is sponsoring iftar for the 4 Mondays of the Month. Apart from the iftar, there is an ongoing series of Islamic lecture before the Monday iftar program where students can attend and learn the significance of Ramadan from invited lecturers1 recommended by the Religious Attaché Sheikh Faris Almutairrey, KSA Embassy. Another 2significant event happening at the IIS is the two-hour Qur’an studies offered every day before the iftar. IIS students Ahmed Salidin and Abdulrahman Talusan are facilitating this activity.

3The Qatar Embassy, Philippines is taking care of the Iftar meals of May 17, 18, 22, 23 and June 1.4

Another significant partnership forged between the Research Association of Islamic Social Sciences , Inc. (RAIS), UP-IIS and the U.S. Embassy Philippines 5is the launching of the project: “Suara Muslim Initiative for Leadership Empowerment (S.M.I.L.E) with its kick off activity – the hosting of “Iftar for a Cause: Round Table Discussions on the Rehabilitation of Marawi City” on May 30, 2018. The RTD is organized by UPIIS in collaboration with the Center for Integrative and Development Studies-Islamic Studies Program (UPCIDS-ISP). Muslim lawmakers, leaders, experts, members of the academe and stakeholders are expected to attend.

  1. Al-Rabah

6May 25, 29, June 5, 6 and 13 are enthusiastically marked for the M. Al-Rabah iftar sponsorship. The M. Al-Rabah has been a longtime IIS partner in implementing projects in the past like the World Hijab Day, previous Istiqbal Ramadan program and providing scholarship grant to five IIS students for the last two semesters.

Feta Restaurant

7And unique to the usual iftar sponsorship, instead of providing iftar at the IIS, the Turkish FETA Restaurant located at Greenhills, San Juan invited 22 students to partake iftar at their restaurant last May 18, 2018. The students were treated with the best Turkish food offered by the restaurant. The place is very cozy and ideal for family iftar as they served guaranteed 100 percent halal food.

Generous Individuals

For the remaining days of Ramadan 2018, some generous sponsors take turn in sponsoring iftar at the Institute, namely:  Jonty Biona for May 24, Atty. Mehol Sadain for May 30 while May 31 is sponsored by Ustadz Abdulhadi Daguit.  Mahmoud Ismail with Sarah Ibrahim (MISI) and an anonymous donor will take care of the remaining unsponsored days.

Camp Karingal

8As part of our extension services, UPIIS has also been doing Iftar program for the Muslim inmates at Camp Karingal.  Worthy to mention is the continuing effort of the Australian Muslim Community since 2006 facilitated by Bro. Saleem Habibullah in providing iftar for 4 Fridays of the entire month of Ramadan for the Muslim women inmates at Camp Karingal, Quezon City. Likewise, Qatar Embassy is taking care of the following days: May 22, 24, 31, June 5 and June 6.  The month of Ramadan provides opportunity to everyone who wishes to share their blessings as an act of ibadah.9

Fasting in the month of Ramadan is prescribed to Muslims to make them learn self-restraint, piety and righteousness and that they may strengthen their taqwah or fear to God. For many years since its iftar Program, the UPIIS has been the venue for the promotion of the spirit of fasting and has fostered love and understanding not just among Muslim constituents of the university but also among Non- Muslim friends.

We are thanking IIS staff especially non-Musllims in preparing the iftar and staying beyond office hour, a sincere gesture of love and service.


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